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Accruer for Accrual Accounting

Handle prepaid expenses, deferred revenue, fixed assets, and payroll accruals without leaving QuickBooks. When you use the simple phrase "for the period," Accruer automatically calculates and books every entry, and automatically creates your backup schedule for reconciliations and audits.
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Booker for Manual Journal Entries

If you can fully automate journal entries you should, like Accruer does for accrual accounting.

For everything else, you should have one source of truth where your debits and credits are tied to support, and  your JEs sync directly from your backup schedule to QuickBooks. Stop dealing with version control issues and manual data entry in QuickBooks. Let Booker book it.
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Wrangler for Reporting & Reconciliations

Stop running the same reports endlessly in QuickBooks. Instantly sync all standard QuickBooks reports to Google Sheets, plus our proprietary QuickBooks Magic Report that unlocks a level of detail unavailable from traditional reporting processes. Use Wrangler to create month end close packages, or pair it with Booker to automate monthly reconciliations.
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Frequently asked questions

What general ledgers does this work with?
FinOptimal is only compatible with QuickBooks Online. Other platforms may be supported in the future!
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How do subscriptions work?
Each QuickBooks Online file connected requires a unique subscription. You may purchase subscriptions in bulk to unlock discounts. We do not charge per user.
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Can I use only pieces of this solution?
Yes. You can purchase a la carte subscriptions to Accruer, Booker, and Wrangler if you'd like to only automate parts of the accounting process.
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